Good to know when planning your stay

At your arrival
You have access to your cottage/cottages from 3pm on the day of your arrival until 11am on the day of your departure. Check-in is at the entrance of Palstorps hage family fun farm at 3pm, unless we have agreed on a different check-in time in advance. The staff at Palstorp will show you to the forest village. Please let us know if you expect to arrive on a different time, and call us in case you are delayed.

What to bring
We recommend bringing appropriate clothing for outdoor fun, warm clothes for chilly nights, warm sleeping bags, pillows, camera, binoculars, towels, water flasks, food and snacks.
Sleeping bags are also available for rental (please book in advance).

Toilets and shower
At Skogsbyn we have a dry privy with toilet paper, water and soap. There is no shower.

Electricity and drinking water
There is no electricity at Skogsbyn, but candles are available. Drinking water can be fetched at the outdoor kitchen.

Dogs are allowed in some of the cottages at Skogsbyn. Please let us know at the time of reservation if you intend to bring a dog. The dog must be kept on a leash during your stay, and you are expected to pick up any dog poo. We also ask you to make sure your dog does not dig any holes and does not disturb the wildlife in the area.

In case of an accident
There are first aid kits available at the outdoor kitchen and at the dry privy at Skogsbyn. Our staff are first aid trained. The nearest care centre and hospital is in Nyköping, ca 10 km away. In case of fire, serious injury or in case of any other immediate danger, call 112 to reach emergency services, and contact our staff.

The cottages are to be cleaned by you before your departure. Cleaning equipment is available at the dry privy.

Free parking is available for our guests at Palstorps hage, ca 200 meters from the cottages.

Cancellations can be made free of charge until 72 hours before arrival.
In the case of cancellations made later than 72 hours before arrival, the reservation will be charged in full. Any cancellations must be done by email or text message to Palstorps skogsby, +46767806244.

What to bring
We recommend bringing the following for your stay at Skogsbyn. If you need further advice, please feel free to contact us.

What to wear while you're here:
Clothes for spending time outdoors, such as:
• Underwear (avoid cotton)
• Woollen socks (bring extra socks in case you get wet)
• Trousers
• Shirt
• Longsleeved and shortsleeved top
• Loose-fitting windproof trousers
• Wellies or boots
• Loose-fitting windproof jacket
• Waterproof clothes
 Warm clothes for chilly nights:
• Woolly hat, gloves or mittens, thermal underwear (for cold nights)

What else to bring:
•sleeping bag (sleeping bags are available to rent at Skogsbyn, but need to be booked in advance)
•mug, plate and cutlery
•food and snacks

Cooking and eating
At Skogsbyn we have a well laid-out outdoor kitchen with roof, so you can enjoy cooking out of doors. The kitchen has a wood cooker, grill, fire place, wood-fuelled oven and kitchen utensils for cooking. Mugs, plates and cutlery are brought by our guests. 

It is possible to order self-service lunch and dinner in advance, in which case we will deliver the ingredients for you to cook. You can also book a cooking session as an extra activity, where a host will help and instruct you in your cooking. If you prefer, you can also bring your own food.

The outdoor kitchen and dining area is also where you will have your breakfast. You will chop the wood and light the wood cooker to make your porridge  and your coffee or boil your egg, or whatever else you may wish for your breakfast. It will be a delicious start of your day!

Kitchen utensils are available in the outdoor kitchen. If you want to buy food, the nearest shop is in Nyköping, ca 6km away.