Handy tips and information

Most of the activities take place out of doors, so dress accordingly and take the weather into account. You might be quite dirty by the time you leave...

 Wear comfortable shoes which are easy to climb in.

Adults should also be prepared to climb, run and jump... the games and challenges are not just for the kids!

 Feel free to bring your dog, but keep it on a leash during your visit. Any dog poo must be removed by you. If you haven't brought a plastic bag for this purpose, one can be supplied to you - ask the staff at the entrance information desk.

 Charcoal, lighting fuel and matches can be bought on site at our shop, or you may bring your own if you prefer. 

 At the entrance you will also find a small cafe/kiosque where you can buy snacks, hotdogs for you to barbecue at the open fire, microwave-pizza, fruit, nuts and ice-cream.

 Your safety is our priority. But we also want Palstorp to be a happy, friendly place without too many rules and regulations. We therefore count on you to take care when using the facilities, and to show respect for other guests. Adults are responsible for the children they accompany.

 If an accident should occur:

In case of a serious accident, please dial 112 to call an ambulance. Also inform the staff at the entrance. All staff are first aid trained.

If the incident is not serious, but you need somewhere to calm down, clean a small wound or get a plaster, go to the entrance and our staff can supply you with both the material needed and some help and advice.

 Palstorp has insurance covering both accidents and injury to third party. Our insurance company is Länsförsäkringar Södermanland.

 Access and availability - as most of the activities are in the woods or on our field, most of Palstorp is regrettably not accessible for wheelchairs. For guests using walkers, it is possible to access the indoor activities in the old barn, the facilities at the entrance and to use the slightly wider road leading through Palstorps hage to move around the area.