Our attractions

Click on the map to download as pdf to print and bring along. (In Swedish)

Below you will find descriptions of our permanent attractions, starting at the entrance.

Haystack and carpenter's bench (Höhoppning och snickarbänk)
At the short end of the big barn you can jump down onto a haystack from different heights, and use the carpenter's bench to create something out of wood. For those who'd like to make a bird's nesting box, sets are for sale at the entrance shop.

Please note that adult supervision is required at the haystack and the carpenter's bench.

Entrance and shop 
This is where you pay the entrance fee, and where you can buy ice cream, drinks and snacks as well as what you need for a hotdog barbeque. In the shop you can find childrens' articles such as clothes and toys. The products for sale are often ecological, handmade, fairtrade and/or traditional.

Play barn 
Roughly 280sqm of indoor play area in the old machine hall, with a storytelling corner, a slide, egg throwing, ludo, ball games, wooden blocks, material for making drawings, a puppet theatre, pea-bag throwing, hopscotch and other activities.

This is also the place where you can have a break and a snack if the weather is not brilliant. It is important for everyone to clear up after themselves, so that everyone can use the space and enjoy the games.


Shooting hoops 
Challenge your friends at shooting some hoops - who will score the most out of ten? One hoop is mounted lower down than normal, the other is at standard level

Playtime combine harvester 
Sit at the wheel of an old combine harvester, or climb up it to go down the slide. The sand box and the swings next to it provide fun for our youngest visitors.

Frisbee golftrack
a tricky 8 hole course in the woods nearby to the play barn. 

The pastures 
During the summer months you can look at our lovely animals. We usually keep sheep and lambs, rabbits and chickens, but our animal population may vary.

The small obstacle course 
Balance on logs, climb across a net, crawl through a tunnel, swing on a rope and get across the bridge

The small pasture (Lillhagen)
Situated between trees and rocks, this is for the little ones. Among other things, you will find a carousel, a swing, a cableway, logs to balance on, a tree house, a sand box, a tight rope and a swing.

The ice cream kiosque  
Get behind the counter and sell some ice cream to your parents – or will you offer something different in the kiosque? Perhaps they'll pay you in pine cones or pebbles..

The woodland obstacle course 
Our latest addition to the obstacle courses stretching from Lillhagen to the barn. Obstacles such as climbing tyres and balancing on logs are included. This part of the woodland obstacle course will open on 16 May at 2pm, when we will also inaugurate the Forest village and the Nature trail.

Don't touch the ground 
In the woods above Lillhagen there is a Don't touch the ground course. It's for young and old ones alike, and is mainly made of old farming tools.

The Palstorp curcuit 
In the old field you'll find a pedal car track made out of old conveyor belts from the SSAB factory in Oxelösund.

The Palstorp football park 
Family fun football. Terrain football golf, a tricky 9 hole course in the field around the spruce tree house. Start in the field above Ring Palstorp. Use your own football or borrow one of ours at the starting point. At the animal targets, you'll see who's best at getting the ball into the animals' nests. In the family football field, you can have a game of football or just kick the ball around to warm up.

Spruce tree house 
Fun play area for the youngest ones, where you can make soup of spruce cones or other yummy things.

Sand boxes and swings

Climbing tyres 


Whoosh along for 30 metres on old tractor seats. One of our most popular attractions!

Climbing tree 
A traditional climbing tree to have lots of fun in.

The survivor course 
A Don't touch the ground course for older children and adults. The flexible kids usually succeed better than the grown-ups... Why not compete against each other? The course includes walking across logs, climbing the spider's web, climbing a ladder, walking the plank, arm walking and cableways.

The big obstacle course 
This obstacle course includes 17 differents tasks, all are 40 to 120 cm above ground. Balance is key! Among the challenges you'll find a swaying bridge, logs to balance on, a barrel, swaying planks, a tight-rope and more.

Barbeque and picknicking 
We have three barbeque spots. Bring your own charcoal or buy it at the entrance shop. The use of throw-away barbeques IS NOT allowed due to the fire hazard. Make a fire at our barbeque spots, grill some hotdogs or something else that you have brought. There are several places where you can sit down to eat, or bring a blanket for a green grass picknick.

The Nature trail
Take a walk along our 2 km nature trail and learn more about Swedish animals, birds and trees. The nature trail starts at the top of the field by Stora Äventyrsbanan and ends at the barbeque place by the cableways. Following the trail, you will also be walking past our latest adventure: the forest village Palstorps skogsby (www.palstorpsskogsby.se)